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Our Privacy Policy

Every user values their privacy and wants to be informed about how their personal information is shared and used. We, at Ikshita Choudhary Label, are critically concerned about the privacy of our consumers. Therefore, we appeal to our customers to thoroughly read the detailed document about the privacy policies of our company. When our customers get in touch by visiting our website ikshitachoudhary.com, or any linked pages, access content or features, or use some other services, they agree to acknowledge and withhold the rules and practices described in our Privacy policy. By accepting the terms of our policy, customers are granting us permission to collect, use, share and store their information in the ways and for the purposes mentioned in the Privacy Policy. The terms that are capitalized and not discussed in the Privacy Policy, will be elaborated in our Terms & Conditions.


Our Privacy Policy explains how we manage and use the personal information that we collect from our customers, who access our website or make use of our other features. This policy strictly applies only to our website visitors. It does not concern other companies that we do not control or own, it also does not affect the people who don't operate for us or who we do not employ. We strictly refrain from acquiring any personal information for any individual under 13 years of age, or for that matter, even allow any individual under 13 years of age to register for our services (this is meticulously elaborated in our Terms & Conditions). If you are an individual under 13 years of age, then we suggest not registering for any services extended by our website or share any of your personal details with our company. No minor should share their name, address, email address, or mobile number. No minor should share their personal details with our services providers or us. And in cases where we have collected personal information of any minor or an individual under 13 years of age without any parental consent or verification, then we are subjected to delete all the information that we have concerning the particular individual. If you have any queries about the data collection of any individual under 13 yrs of age, then feel free to contact us at [email protected].


Ikshita Choudhary label accumulates the personal information from the users, this policy will give you a fair idea of what we do with it. We use the personal information we collect for personalizing and improving our services, and many other things. We allow the users to create accounts and profiles on our websites, which they use to reach other users. We use your personal information to fulfill your requests for specific products and services. We also share some specifics of your personal information with third parties (as explained below), this falls under our privacy policy. The information we collect is later mentioned in the document.


With your consent, we collect and store your personal information. We collect information such as Name, Phone number, User name, Address, Credit Card details, Debit card details, and other banking information, etc. We also collect the email addresses of your friends to invite them to register and enjoy our services. If you log in using a third-party application or websites like Facebook, Instagram, or any other, then we also collect those credentials too. We have the right to collect information regarding your personal preferences and interests, from your Facebook and other social media accounts. If you log in using any third-party applications you acknowledge that some of the content that you have on your Facebook or Instagram account will be shared with your account on ICL. You, of course, can manage and adjust these settings by making special requests. Anyhow, in such a case, you won't be able to use the features and services of the website as you will not be able to register and use our features and services to their fullest potential.

We tend to randomize the personal information that we collect, this makes you individually unidentifiable when your information is shared with a third party or our partners. Our partners or third-party hires like advertisers are allowed to access the demographic data of the users who will be watching the advertisements. After you register with this, you acknowledge and accept that your data can be used by the advertisers to find the right audience for the advertisements. We can also inform the advertisers about your purchases or inquiries about particular items and brands. This enables the advertisers to show you ads that are of your interest. In this entire process, your identity remains anonymous and you are not individually identified by the company.


  1. We tend to automatically receive and record information like IP Address and 'Cookies' from your Web browser whenever you are visiting our website or using our other linked pages. 'Cookies' enable us to identify the browser and the device you are using. This gives us the ability to learn how and when you access the websites and also the parts you navigated to. You can stop this sharing of data and limit your browser, but this will act as an obstacle to your experience on our website as you will not be able to enjoy the features and services to their fullest. Our advertising partners may send cookies to your computer when you click on the ads shown on our site. Though this does not fall under the guidelines of our Privacy Policy, and you choose to not receive these from the advertiser.
  2. When we gather personal information such as the number of visitors and the frequency of their visits on our web pages, we compile the data in an aggregate form to maintain anonymity for the sake of the user's privacy. Our partners have access to this anonymous data to study and analyze the fashion and order in which people visit our website. This is done to devise and develop an optimal user experience. We are also capable and allowed to send you cookies to understand and study the types of products you search for, so we can show you ads relevant to your interests.

The advertising agency that we have contracted with can also send you a file, from the website, called Web Beacon. These beacons enable the advertisers to deliver anonymized auditing, research and reporting for us and our partners. Web Beacons create a network that allows advertisers to focus on targeted ads whenever users visit some other website. These beacons keep an eye on what products you have searched for and then show you advertisements for similar products. The advertising companies can view, edit, or even establish their own cookies whenever you request a web page from their site. Many of the advertising companies take part in the Networking Advertising Initiative (NAI). It is a collaborative association of online marketing and analytics organizations focusing on developing consumer awareness and creating accountable data and business management operations and standards. The NAI members might allow you to remove the cookies or beacons that they deliver to you. However, we don't have any control over our third parties' policies, including the advertising agencies.


We will be contacting you using E-mail or some other mode of communication. For example, we may send you emails about promotional offers for our business, as well as for other businesses we are associated with, we will send you newsletters or we will contact you about your use of our website. Whenever you open an email sent by us, we receive a confirmation alert. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you should adjust your account settings or you should unsubscribe from our Newsletters.We will be contacting you using E-mail or some other mode of communication. For example, we may send you emails about promotional offers for our business, as well as for other businesses we are associated with, we will send you newsletters or we will contact you about your use of our website. Whenever you open an email sent by us, we receive a confirmation alert. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you should adjust your account settings or you should unsubscribe from our Newsletters.


We are liable to keep the identity of our users safe and secure for their concern of privacy. We cannot rent or sell the personal information of our users in an identifiable form to any partners or a third party. Though, after aggregated format after making the user anonymous we are within our rights to share the personal information of users with the party of our choosing.


Sometimes the businesses and the third parties that we are affiliated with want to sell their products or services through our website, it could be an extensive program or a part of our collaboration. You shall recognize and approve when such things happen. We will be sharing your personal information only to the affiliated business or third party, only for the concerned transaction or service. These services can automatically collect your data from your ICL account or from the third-party website's account, like Facebook, that you used for registering at ICL. We want to inform you that we have no authority, involvement, and governance over the privacy policies of third-party businesses and websites. So, you should conduct a thorough inspection before you become a part of any such transaction or service.


We employ numerous people that perform multiple tasks and run a variety of operations for us. We have to share your information with them, as they make it possible for us to recommend the best product and services for you. But, they can not use this information for any personal gain and use, as it is illegal and suitable action will be taken against the defaulter if any such discrepancies are found.


The user's profile information such as Username, display picture, uploaded posts, and comments, are visible and accessible to other users on the ICL website. This is done to enable and increase user interaction on the website, this helps the user in making informed choices for the purchase they make and also increases overall activity at the website. Any content you upload or publish using your ICL account is acknowledged to be accessible and utilized by other users. Your username and profile picture will be visible to other users whenever you make a comment and it works in a similar fashion for other users too. If you have signed in using a third-party application like Facebook, then your contact list is automatically imported to ICL. And if any person from your contact list is already a registered user of ICL, then they can have access to some of the non-public information from your user profile. Nonetheless, we again want to make it clear that we have no authority over the privacy policies of the third parties involved.


The customer information is transferred as a part of the deal to ensure a smooth transition when buying or selling assets. If we get acquired, go out of business, or enter bankruptcy, then your personal information will be taken over by one of our third-party businesses.


We might need to release Personal Information to comply with law and order. You essentially agree to the fact that ICL can take necessary steps to protect its right, property, and safety. We might need to exchange Personal Information with the Indian Government Authorities in order to give you protection from fraud and reduce the risk of credit card scams.


Whenever we share your personal information with a third party, you will be given a notification to decide whether you want the sharing of your information.


For enhancing privacy and security protocols, we use advanced password protection. If you have logged in using a third-party application like Facebook, then you will benefit from the additional sign-in protection offered by Facebook. We protect your personal information by automatically logging you out of our website when you are done browsing and shopping, we do this to protect your passwords and to limit access to your device. We are committed to protecting your passwords and personal information at all times, but we still can not guarantee 100% protection as a device is vulnerable to various kinds of failures and threats. Software or hardware failure, hacking, or some other factors may put your personal data in a compromisable position and though there are counter-measures to prevent this from happening, this is still unpredictable. We may have some external links included on our web pages. However, we are not responsible for the privacy policies of the third-party websites that you visit, you should read their privacy policy before you start to explore and use their services.


From the settings of your account on ikshitachoudhary.com, you can access, edit, or delete your personal information. You have the option to change the following information that you give us:

  • Your name and password
  • E-mail address
  • Shipping and billing data
  • User profile data and user-generated content
  • Images that you have uploaded to the website

When the website is upgraded the way that the information is viewed on the Website also changes. So, if you have any queries or questions about the changes then feel free to contact us at [email protected]


  • When it comes to sharing personal information, you can always choose to not share it with us or anyone, for that matter. However, you may still need to give some information to register on our website and use its features and services. When you make a choice to not share your information with us, your ability to browse on our website becomes heavily restricted.
  • You have the right to edit, add or delete your information, as discussed above in the document. Whenever you are updating information, we tend to keep a copy of the old version in our database for reference and security. You can also delete your account permanently by visiting the account settings. But some of the information is still retained in our archives and it stays private even after you delete your account. We use your aggregated personal information building statistics and records, none of this information is used to identify you personally.
  • If you don't wish to receive emails and newsletters from us, then you should make the required changes from your account settings. Even when you don't permit to send you notices and documents such as this privacy policy, even then they will still be applicable to you when you register on the ICL website for shopping or browsing. You should always be aware to read and review such legal documents to understand the updates and changes.


We may occasionally introduce changes to our Privacy Policy. Thus the ways in which we collect information and use this information is prone to change according to the changes in the Privacy Policy. We are liable to inform you whenever a change is introduced in the Privacy Policy. We may use website notifications or direct email to tell you about the changes, and you are responsible for carefully reading the new policies when they are posted on the website information portal.


If you have any inquiries or doubts about our Privacy Policy, then you should contact us at [email protected]. We will try our best to resolve any and every issue you have.